How to Know if These CDs are for you:

  • You would rather be on a river or lake than on the Internet.
  • You are missing the dip of your paddle beside your canoe in the glassy waters of a north woods lake echoed by the call of a loon.
  • You dream about leaning in your kayak to move through the next set of Class III whitewater rapids.
  • Just looking at pictures of crimson and blue sky mixing as the wilderness sunset gives way to the Big Dipper and the Milky Way make you want to leave the city behind.

“I drove 2-1/2 miles past my exit while listening to the songs on True And Deep!

- Scott Harris, Old Scout Outdoor Products

“I've had the incredible privilege of experiencing the wonders of canoe country with Jerry Vandiver. His masterful imagery transports me back to the land we love and to the simplicity of friendship and peace in a holy place.”

- Kevin Carr, Chosen Valley Canoe Accessories/Chosen Valley Creating Ability

“The lyrics, melody and arrangement of 'Wabakimi' perfectly captures the magic and mystique of the Canadian boreal forest that Jerry and I paddled together in 2010. The authentic Ojibway chanting reminds me of the rich cultural heritage of the Wabakimi wilderness that beckons my return each year.”

- Phil Cotton / Chairman - Wabakimi Project

“I've known Jerry as a paddler and a songwriter. His passion for both are second to none. I smile when my cell phone rings because I have his song, "Rocks and Roots" for a ringtone!”

- Lynn O'Kane / Voyageur North Outfitters