Peaceful Waters (2023)
Jerry joins singer/songwriter extraordinaire Caitlin Evanson as they explore the humor of leaking tents, heavy canoes, and too much gear, while reflecting on the serenity of quiet time on the water. Whether you’re pouring over maps of an unfamiliar area or heading back to your favorite destination, these 14 new all acoustic songs will make you laugh, dance, sing along, and even get a little misty-eyed. Have a great trip and thank you for taking us along!
Song Samples
1.   River 30
2.   All Part Of The Adventure
3.   Over The Rainfly
4.   No More Room In The Van
5.   I'm Not As Young As I Think I Am
6.   Everything Tastes Better Out There
7.   Get A Tent!
8.   The Wiggle Butt Song
9.   Flying Lessons
10. Free Once Again
11. The River Just Flows
12. Peaceful Waters
13. We Are The Bear
14. Sally's Back Yard
Let's Go Outside (2021)
Camper Cait and Jerry Berry team up with 11 original songs all about getting away from iPads, laptops and TikTok and getting into the great outdoors. Boys and girls from all over the country sing along to add to the fun. After ordering this CD, turn off your electronic devices and join them knowing that everything is better outside! Recommended for ages 3 to 103.
Song Samples
1.   Let's Go Outside!
2.   That's Why the World Has Rocks
3.   Canoeing With Daddy
4.   Outdoor Mom
5.   That's What Raindrops Do
6.   Out There With My Dad
7.   You and Me and the Shade of a Tree
8.   Yay Nature!
9.   I'm Happiest With You
10. Campfire Lullaby
11. Grow
The Middle Of Somewhere (2020)
How much gear can a canoe carry? Can you have the blues over losing a bandana? What are rocks for? What’s it like to go fishing with your dad? If 2,000 year old petroglyphs could sing, what would they sound like? The answers to these questions and more can be found on this latest all acoustic (almost) collection of original songs about all things paddling and all things outdoors.
Song Samples
 1.   The Middle Of Somewhere
 2.   My Other Car
 3.   Not Enough To Bail
 4.   Blue Bandana Blues
 5.   That's Why The World Has Rocks
 6.   That's What Raindrops Do
 7.   Out There With My Dad
 8.   It Was Great
9.   Those Who Came Before
10.   Float Down The River With Me
11.   Out There With My Dad (JV vox)
Paddle On (2018)
If you love canoeing, kayaking, camping and the great outdoors, this CD is for you! You'll laugh, cry, sing along and maybe even dance to "The Bear Barrel Polka". The perfect musical accompaniment to play on the way to your put in.
Song Samples
1.   Nowhere Today
2.   She’s In A Kayak
3.   Canoeing With Daddy
4.   The Bear Barrel Polka
5.   How Much Snow
6.   Pay The Fiddle Player
7.   Kevlar Is Light
8.   The Milky Way Waltz
9.   This Quiet Place
10. Paddle On
PaddleSongs Episode III:
Mixed Dry Bag (2016)
It is a time of great anticipation in paddle country. Paddlers everywhere are gearing up for their next adventure. 11 new songs have recently been discovered in the galaxy, awaiting to be taken along. May the wind be with you...
Song Samples
1.   Down This Trail
2.   Sit On A Rock
3.   Too Many Boats
4.   Don’t Paddle Today
5.   Mister Loon
6.   That's What Winter Is For
7.   Under The Rainbow
8.   For A Little While
9.   Trains I Didn't Take
10. Downstream
11. The Water Is Wide
Every Scratch Tells A Story (2014)
Some say it is "Paddle Songs, Volume II"; some say it is a follow up to the acclaimed first paddle songs CD, "True And Deep". Add these 10 new all acoustic songs about paddling, love, friendship and the great outdoors to your collection and put your own label on it. Recorded with Nashville's best. Get ready for your next trip!
Song Samples
1.   My Wilderness Journey
2.   Uphill Both Ways
3.   In Grand Marais
4.   Me and Molly
5.   I Will Never Let Anything Bad Happen To You
6.   One Lucky Man
7.   A Bad Day On The Water
8.   Birch, Cedar, Spruce
9.   In The Rain (instrumental)
10. The Light Of The Crescent Moon
True and Deep - Songs For The Heart Of The Paddler (2012)
Jerry Vandiver has brought two of his passions together in creating this unique collection of songs that speak to the paddler's soul. Featured on True And Deep are 2011 CCMA Female Vocalist of the Year Victoria Banks and Grammy Award-winning Native American Artist Bill Miller on Native flute.
Song Samples
1.   More Than A River
2.   Headwind
3.   The Spirit of Fishdance Lake
4.   Leave No Trace
5.   Rocks And Roots
6.   Too Tired To Start A Fire
7.   Camp Coffee
8.   Under The Same Sky
9.   Wabakimi
10. The Morning Fog Has Lifted
11. True And Deep