July 8, 2012 - “Paddling in Vietnam and Cambodia

We have just returned from an amazing 3 week adventure in Vietnam and Cambodia. Although we didn’t get any wilderness paddling in, we did get to dip a couple of local paddles while there. This 5 minute video tells all. (Shaky camera for first 30 seconds, hang in there). Hope you enjoy it!

March 22, 2012 - Paddle songs make a television debut…

The CBS affiliate in Nashville is very supportive of the songwriting community and regularly airs a program called “Words And Music” in which they bring in local pro songwriters to play and tell the stories behind the songs.  Today I got to go on the program with Victoria Banks.

Since I have been on the show before and played my Tim McGraw songs, I decided it would be fun to play some paddle songs.  Victoria and I did a duet  on “Leave No Trace” and I also did “Camp Coffee”.  On one of the breaks the program aired part of the “Camp Coffee” video as well.

It was a lot of fun and, of course, Victoria was amazing as usual.  The program is sponsored by the Nashville Songwriters Association International.

Here’s a shot of us tuning up just off to the side of the set:

There was a big ‘ol screen right in front of us showing the broadcast as it went down (we were “show #209”):

The cameramen were a lot of fun – they were even laughing when I pulled a coffee cup stunt on the host, Harry Chapman.  On the left is Kurt Tindall and Phillip Gasser is on the right:

And finally, here is Victoria and myself on the set with host Harry Chapman:

It was a great time and it was fun singing songs from the “True And Deep” CD for a change.

March 18, 2012 - Paddlinglight.com talks about songs and paddling…

Bryan Hansen is a photographer, writer, and a sea-kayaking instructor. He hold a Wilderness First Responder certification and an American Canoe Association Kayaking Instructor certification. His articles and pictures have appeared in several paddling magazines. He has canoed and kayaked in the Boundary Waters, the Great Lakes, as far away as Norway and in many other places. Bryan also sits on the board for Wilderness Classroom, and he owns North Shore Expeditions. He lives in Grand Marais, MN.

I recently caught up with Bryan and he published a very nice article on the “True And Deep” CD as well as a fun and challenging interview.  Check it out on his very cool website paddlinglight.com.


March 14, 2012 -

Music Row Magazine is the industry publication for the music business here in Nashville. Robert K. Oermann is a longtime contributor to MusicRow. He is a respected music critic, author and historian. In his bi-weeky “disc claimer” column he reviews various releases of music that comes across his desk. Much to my surprise and delight, he chose to talk about the song “Leave No Trace” (co-written with my paddle friend singer/songwriter Mark Elliott) that is featured on my True And Deep CD. Here’s his review:

“JERRY VANDIVER & VICTORIA BANKS/Leave No Trace,Producer: Jerry Vandiver; Paddle Songs (track) (www.jerryvandiver.com)
—Vandiver is a successful Nashville tunesmith with such credentials as Tim McGraw’s “For a Little While” and Gene Watson’s “Don’t Waste it on the Blues.” He is also an avid canoer, and his True and Deep concept CD is a celebration of paddling on America’s waterways. This lilting, dobro-laced duet with 2010 Canadian Country Female Vocalist of the Year winner Banks is about enjoying nature without marring or spoiling it. Soothing and highly listenable.”

Thank you Robert and thanks Music Row Publications.

March 4, 2012 - More great reviews coming in…

Kevin Callan is the author of 11 books, including the Paddler’s Guide series and The Happy Camper. He is the recipient of three National Magazine awards and is a featured speaker at many of North America’s largest paddling events including Rutabaga Paddlesports‘ sponsored Canoecopia.

Kevin recently gave a nice review of the True And Deep paddle songs CD in Exlpore Magazine:

New paddling album reminiscent of Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell

I hope Jerry Vandiver paddles as good as he writes paddling songs

Jerry Vandiver’s album True and Deep: Songs for the Heart of the Paddler is reminiscent of those classic albums like Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell, Pink Floyd’sThe Wall or those of Coheed and Cambria. Not that the sound is remotely similar—it’s just that the list of cumulative songs form a strong story line. Jerry has created an amazing story—and lucky for us, it’s all about paddling. If you’re a paddler, you’ll definitely love listening to Vandiver’s album from beginning to end. The first few arrangements (“More Than a River,” “Headwind,” “The Spirit of Fishdance Lake”) are warm-up tunes, the ones that get you excited about spring break-up. Then there’s “Rocks and Roots” and “Camp Coffee” that relate to the trip itself. And “The Morning Fog has Lifted” and “True Deep” end it off and creates that enthusiasm everyone to plan the next trip on the way home from the previous one. My personal favourite songs on the album are “Wabakimi” and “Leave No Trace.”

Check out his web site and have a listen—you won’t be disappointed.


A big thanks, Kevin!  Looking forward to seeing you in Madison -Jerry

February 15, 2012 - Thank You, Buck (at the Roadhouse)!

WTIP logo

I’ve had the pleasure in the past to be a guest on Buck Benson and Bob Carter’s “Roadhouse” program on WTIP North Shore Community Radio (video of parts of that show are linked below).  Buck and Bob have become great friends and supporters of my singer/songwriter/paddling dreams.

Just yesterday I received the nicest email from Buck after he had given “True And Deep” a listen.  I wanted to share his message with you.

“True and Deep really does come from the heart…..here Jerry’s love of those special places in the world that only a canoe can explore is combined with his wonderful talent in expressing that love through his music.  As crisp and well crafted as always, this joyful collection of songs take you everywhere from that delightful first morning cup of campfire coffee in Camp Coffee to the sentimental sundowns of life in Under the Same Sky.  We really want to thank him for sharing those emotions with us on this wonderful new disc.

 We always look forward to Jerry’s next stop at our studios here at WTIP – his good humor and great musical talents are just a genuine pleasure to us all.”

– Buck Benson
Host of the Roadhouse
WTIP Public Radio

The Roadhouse logo


Thanks Buck! I look forward to seeing you and Bob this summer.

Paddle on,

February 13, 2012 - Welcome to my new paddlesongs blog!

Hey Paddleheads!

Thanks for checking out my first blog entry here at paddlesongs.com.  I’m hoping to keep you up to date on all things paddling and especially the music here.

To begin with many of you may or may not know that I’m taking an all acoustic band to perform the songs and celebrate the release of “True and Deep” at the 2012 Canoecopia expo in Madison, Wisconsin.  I’m very excited about this opportunity and Rutabaga and staff have been overwhelmingly supportive in our efforts.  We’ve been given a “prime time” schedule there for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 9, 10 and 11.

Band rehearsals started this last Sunday February 12.  Everyone in the band already has the songs and have been putting their special brand on them, so I can’t wait!

For starters then, let me introduce you to the awesome A drawer Nashville musicians that are part of “Jerry Vandiver and the One Match Band”:

First is guitar player and songwriter extraordinaire John Foster:

John is also a great singer and not only sang most of the background vocals on the “True and Deep” project, but was once a member of the Beach Boys!

Next is my buddy, Tim Buppert, who is not only a great singer, drummer and guitar player, he’s a kayaker who loves to perform to an appreciative audience.

drummer/guitarist Tim Buppert

Tim’s voice can be heard on projects ranging from Trisha Yearwood albums to Luv Diaper commercials!

And finally, I’m really proud to have Suzanne Rohrer on violin/fiddle to round things out:

fiddle player Suzanne Rohrer

Suzanne is well known around town for her fiddle expertise and will be a lot of fun!

Finally here is a pic of us at opening rehearsal:

It all went great.  We got started on harmony parts, arrangements, the whole 9 yards.  Two more to go before Canoecopia.

Paddle On,