February 19, 2013 - Announcing the 2013 inductees of the new PaddleSongs Hall of Fame!



Be it so witnessed that these distinguished paddlers and/or lovers of the outdoors and/or music aficionados (who are only exceeded by their excellent taste in music!) by virtue of their unrelenting support and enthusiasm have been heretofore inducted in the 2013 PaddleSongs Hall of Fame. May they receive all the perks and accolades they deserve!

Thank you one and all for being part of the dream. -Jerry

Nola Risse-Connolly
Randy Pfeifer
Jim Spitzenberger
Janet Reynolds
Greg Valente
Jacqi Maltby
Steve Dawson
Victoria Hopper
John Anderson
Terri Schott
Teri Stickler
Kelle Kolkmeier
Mary Kramer
Alex Cartwright
Wendy Pomerantz
John M. Allen
Mary Murphy Miller
Lynda Childs
Neil Childs
Joel Knutson
Ed Stevens
Dennis Watkins
Ron Wallace
Mike McSweeney
Lisa Deziel
Nora Mitchell
Mary Jean Blaisdell
Pete (Jackfish) Swiggum
Jeff Fitch
Kim Klopfenstein
Paul Kolterman
Ken Hupila
Rich Stolp
Dave Andersen
Sheryl Hindermann
Denise Stiff
Bill Hansen of Sawbill Canoe Outfitters
Denny Lochner
Nathalie Lavine of the Country Music Hall of Fame
Tom Pinkerton
Kim Lobert
Andy gordon
Randi Michaels Block
Dennis Albrecht
Mark and Evea Stevens
Lili Colby of MTI Adventurewear
Rick Lafleur
Lynn O’Kane of Voyageur North Outfitters
Ruthanne James Fenske
Sue and Andy Ahrendt of Tuscarora Lodge and Outfitters
Bob North
Dawn Rekoske
Sandra Minierre
Bill Francis
William V Pyle
William Roth
Brenda Walker
Jom Voelz
Sara Neall
Ken Palmer
Richard Jenks
Kari Kennedy
Lynn Foster
Jason Pomerantz
JoAnn M. Abbott
Dave Bulin
Gabe Hollombe
Kellie McDaniel
Susan Stillinger
Alex Lynn
Poutine La Masoneaux
James Kerler
Patty Roberts
Jane Godfrey
William Stoehr
Carol Katterjohn
Amy Payne Fekas
Dalyn Schmitt
Mark Elliott
Cynthia Fern
Judy Guthrie
Rebecca Stoehr
Jim Pfitzer
Debbie Owens
Kevin F Hagan
Hoz Holla
Steve Boone
Greg Mitchell
Rebecca Andersen
Randy Dunbar
James Raffan
Steve Freeman
Brad Bohannan
Tetcy DeBoer
Dianne Gabriel
Ray Tallent
Craig Lackey
Michael D King