January 2, 2013 - Looking back on where we’ve been

Every year I notice a lot of folks participating in New Year’s Day paddles. I love to hear about them as they are happening on streams, lakes and even oceans all over the world. There truly are many kindred spirits out there that live to have a paddle in their hands and water under their boats.

I can’t wait until New Years day myself. There’s a scenic little river paddle – the Harpeth River – about 45 minutes out of town (NashvIlle, TN) called the Narrows of the Harpeth which has a unique horseshoe bend in it. You can put in on the left end of the horseshoe, paddle about 7 miles and take out on the right end and walk a 1/2 mile trail back to your vehicle to load back up. No shuttles or pick ups to plan. That’s especially nice for a day solo trip.

But in my impatience for a New Years Day paddle, I upped it to New Years Eve. It is now my little tradition and in that tradition I realized there couldn’t be a better way to reflect on the rapids we’ve been through and excitedly anticipate the ones ahead.

Funny how we can find life/paddling analogies so easily.

The attached pic here is my canoe resting happily on a Harpeth River gravel bar New Year’s Eve.

I hope your 2012 rapids were Class I and if not, they were exciting and you got through them with the open side up. I hope your 2013 rapids will guide you the directions you seek. And next New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day I hope “you look back in wonder and know that your heart and your paddle were true and deep”.

All the best, Jerry

New Year's Eve rest stop on a gravel bar on the Harpeth River

New Year’s Eve rest stop on a gravel bar on the Harpeth River