June 30, 2013 - It Takes A Village To Make A Dream Come True

Last night we (The One Match Band) played our first of four festivals here in Minnesota.  I’ve been in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for a week now rehearsing, writing and generally getting myself acclimated to being a “tour musician” as the summer unfolds.

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how all this came about.  “All this” being a calendar of playing my songs – paddle songs and a couple of my hits – in between some canoe trips. For a little over 7 weeks.  On the surface it looks like it was just a matter of a few emails, phone calls and then get in the van and go.

Far from it.

There are so many people out there who love music and love the outdoors and the combination of the two that without their enthusiasm, advice, support and friendship, none of “all this” would have been possible.  Without them, I would be sweltering in the Tennessee summer thinking about how cool it might be to play songs up north and get a little paddling in between shows.

There’s Rick Skoog from Grand Marais who has tirelessly found venues and spare couches for me to homestead.  There’s Bill Hansen at Sawbill Outfitters who not only welcomes me and my songs to his campfire, but wants others to be a part of “all this” too.  There’s Ruthanne Fenske who gets her son-in-law, Todd, to clean up his Ely garage to host a concert for me. Scott Harris who has not only been on this journey since its inception, but also has even stepped in as a “road manger”.  Diana Cox, who has tirelessly connected me with musicians, agents, venues, information and unconditional support.  Paul Brunner who not only gives me a floor to sleep on, but makes me play the song once again to make sure it is right.  Then one more after that.  Gary Myers who helped me sit down and organize my goals. He says I deserve “all this”. Roy Holdren and Karen Krueger who “get it”. The list seems endless: Steve Dawson, Kaitlyn Laurie, Ray Alexiunas, Kari Kennedy & Family, Carrie Cartier, Robert North, Carol Smith-Narofsky, Shy-Anne Hovorka, Nola Risse-Connolly, all the volunteer “roadies” at Canoecopia, my amazingly supportive and adorable wife, Gracie.  There’s all of you who took the time to read this blog and on and on (the “on and on” are those who I will later regret not putting their names in here).

Don’t be afraid to dream.  Because the lesson here is that although you might dream, you don’t dream alone.  Others want to see your dream come true. And if you let them be a part of it, it will.

Thanks to all of you for “all this”.

See you on stage or on the water.

Or both,